Update #1

Hi Friends and Family,

I first wanted to say thank you everyone. Your love and support has been amazing. I really do feel uplifted by everyone. Over the past few weeks, there are very few days that I’ve felt down, or sad, or mad. As we’ve adjusted to this phase, I’ve been positive throughout and feel most of it has to do with the support and love I feel from every one of you. Thank you.

Update. Tomorrow, I start my 3rd round of Chemo infusions. My schedule is to go into the infusion center every two weeks for a heavy dose, 2 hour infusion. Then they strap a pump on me that continues the infusion for the next 46 hours at a low dose. It makes me look like a tourist with a perma camera strap, but I’m able to be at home or do whatever I want.

So far, I’ve been handling the side effects pretty well. Usually the three days following the end of the infusion (Sat-Mon), I have lower energy, lower appetite, and some neuropathy symptoms which include everything tasting like metallic and sharp pains in my mouth when eating and drinking.

We met with a second oncologist last week to get a second opinion and see if we are on the right path. The oncologist did suggest a few more tests to do, so we’ll be following up on those which could affect future treatments down the road. For now, the current treatment plan is the best path forward. In about 3-4 weeks, we will do a new CT Scan and this will show how well the drugs (and everything else we’re doing) are working. So it’s a bit of a waiting game.

This has given us time to reorient our lives to beat this shitty thing. Allyson has been amazing. She’s strong, supportive, and willing to deal with my crazy ketogenic diet I’ve started. She went back to work this past week, so that’s taken some adjusting, but going well.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good, have started doing light yoga and we even went on a family bike ride this weekend. It was the maiden voyage for my father’s day gift which was a little bike seat for Nora. Looking forward to many more of those.

So that’s where we are right now. We really can’t thank you enough for all of the kind words and sentiments being sent our way. The support we feel from all of you is very very appreciated.

Much love,

Ian (Allyson and Nora too)

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