Update #2

Hi Everyone!
Hope all of you are doing well. Thank you all for kind emails over the last few weeks. If I didn’t respond to you, I’m sorry about that and just wanted to say hearing from you guys means everything. Thank you for all the supportive words.

I’m doing pretty good myself. I’m received my 5th round of chemo today. As I said in my last email, I’ve continued to handle the side effects fairly well so hopefully, that continues 🙂

So far, we have yet to do a follow-up scan to see how the treatments are working. This will change in about two weeks when I come in for the 6th treatment. They will do a full CT scan and then we can compare it to the original scan and see where we stand. Up until now, I haven’t been thinking too much about the scan. I’m sure as we get closer I’ll be starting thinking/worrying about it because it’s a big moment, but I’ll be trying to keep it out of my mind until then.

Overall, still feeling good and positive. I’m still off work but have been working on a few projects, include rebuilding the bonzer5.com site for the family biz. It feels good to do some work and stretch the mind.

Much love,
Ian (Allyson and Nora too)

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