Update #3

Hi all,

We finally got the results back from our first follow up scan since the beginning. And it’s very positive!

According to the doctor, it’s a very good scan and I’m in partial remission (which means everything is shrinking or disappeared). The report says: “significant decrease in the size of the pulmonary and liver metastases, compatible with response to treatment. No new masses or lymphadenopathy.”

Here’s a little more details on the progress:
– Most of the lung nodules are not visible anymore the few that remain are 2mm and there are no new ones.
– The liver nodules have shrunken to about half the size. The good thing here is that all of the visible nodules are in the same lobe which makes the potential for surgery more viable (they can remove up to 80% of the liver and it can regenerate), but it’s better to remove one chunk.
– The colon tumor isn’t visible on this type of scan, so we don’t know if that is shrunken or gone, but the fact the the metastases tumors are gone or shrunken, means the colon tumor has too.

It’s still a long road but this is a great first step…and a much needed happy note after Tuesday. It’s been a strange week of ups and downs, but we’ve managed through it. I’m feeling pretty good after my latest treatment this week. Between the chemo treatments, diet, meditation, cannabis, (and more), it feels good to know that everything we’ve been doing has been working in fighting this battle.

I also wanted to say that while I haven’t had the time or energy to thank each of you individually for anything you’ve done for me/us during this time, I wanted to let you know that every gesture from big to small really makes a huge difference. Thank you all!

Final note, with help from some good friends, we’ve setup a Give Forward campaign to help cover expenses we’ve been dealing with and those moving forward. We’ll probably be sending it out this weekend or early next week. If y’all could share it around, it’ll be helpful in reaching our goal!

Thanks again everyone for the love and support. It’s been an amazing feeling to feel it all. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ian, Allyson & Nora

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