Update #5

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been meaning to send an update for awhile, but things have been in flux and I’ve been waiting until it’s all sorted out. Unfortunately, it’s still up in the air, but I wanted to give an update of where we are and the plan forward. Basically, we’ve had some struggles getting a surgery appointment scheduled. Here’s a breakdown of what we’re working to:

The plan at this point is to do a liver resection surgery that will remove up to 75% of right lobe liver. Fun fact, the liver is the only organ that regenerates. At the same time of the liver surgery, they will also remove the tumor in the colon and reverse the colostomy. If all goes well, at this point all of the cancer will be removed from the body. But….before they can do this surgery, they have to an embolization procedure in which they cut off blood to the right lobe. This causes the right lobe to shrink and also grow the left lobe in the process.

This embolization procedure is what we’ve been trying to schedule. It’s been frustrating and requiring a lot of patience. Basically the surgeon is over booked with appointments, so we’re trying to find a cancellation to fit me in. Hopefully in the next few days we’ll have something scheduled. I’ll definitely update when we hear back.

We’re still doing chemo infusions every two weeks, which I think will continue all the way up until surgery. Even with the chemo, physically, I’m still feeling great overall. Mentally, it’s been a bit tough to be patient as we work through the medical system, but even with this hiccup, I’m positive and happy with the progress so far. We’ll get there soon.

I hope everyone is doing well in their own right. We really really appreciate the support and love from all of you. Thank you for that.


*Merry-go-Round in Griffith Park!

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