Update #7

Hey everyone! Things are going well. I’ve been meeting with the different surgeons this past last week to get the main liver surgery setup. The liver surgeon said everything is growing as expected, so he and the colon surgeon have scheduled the big surgery for April 5th. I have a few tests to clear before hand, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The surgery will most likely involve removing about 2/3 of the liver, removing colon tumor and then and reversing the colostomy. If there are any complications during the surgery, they’ll only do the liver and come back to the colon after I heal.

We’re getting really close to something we set out to do 7+ months ago: get this shit out of my body. That first night in the hospital seems like a different life. After April 5th, I know this doesn’t end, but it’ll be a great step forward. 

Thank you all the support. I’m sure someone will update y’all after the surgery, just not me. Recovery is about 5 days in the hospital and then a few more at home. 


Ian, Allyson and Nora

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