Update #10

Hi Everyone,

Long time no update. Recovery from surgery has gone well, albeit slowly.

Finally, in the last two weeks, I’ve started to feel a lot less pain and I’ve been able to do more activities, like a 2 mile hike last weekend. I can also finally start picking up Nora again which is obviously great. I still have a bit of pain from the scar tissue, but it’s stretching out and feeling better each day.

A couple weeks ago I went in for a full scan (lungs, liver, colon) to see where we stand. The results came back that the liver and colon are clear, but there are still pulmonary nodules in the lungs. There are also some new pulmonarias since the last chest scan, which was last in October. I haven’t been on chemo leading up to the surgery and then during this recovery process, so we always knew this was a possibility that there was still stuff in my lungs, but you know, it’s shitty and never news you want to hear.

We’ve tackled and removed two large problem areas so far, which was vital and necessary to move forward. The surgery could not have gone better and we’re thankful we’re on to this next phase.

Next step, is starting a new series of chemo this week. Since getting the scan results back we’ve met USC and City of Hope for second options and then my oncologist at Kaiser. All three we on the same page switching to a different chemo, which was reassuring. We’ll do 3-4 rounds and then another scan to see where we are. I guess this cocktail of chemo is more intense than the last, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m ready for whatever comes at me.

In other news, I have a new surfboard in the works! I’m trying to build some strength now that I can move better and hopefully get back out in the water soon. I’m also starting to plan to go back to work sometime soon now that the next phase is mapped out. A bit nervous about it, but we’ll just see how the new treatments go and what I can handle. These 7+ weeks of recovery have been hard physically and emotionally, but I feel like I’ve turned some sort of corner. As my strength is building back up, so is my spirit and drive to keep. on. moving. forward. Thank you all for the love, emails, texts, everything. You all are the best.


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