New site + Update #11

Hey All,

I put together this site (had the domain laying around) to keep all of our updates in one place. Unfortunately, the company we hosted the donation drive last year with, Give Forward, was bought by another company and since our campaign had ended, it wasn’t migrated over and we lost the ability to communicate with everyone that was following and had donated.

My hope is that this is a permanent home for future updates, and maybe other random musing moving forward.

I’m finishing up my 3rd round of chemo today. The infusion process is that as before – 2.5 hour infusion at the hospital on Wednesdays, and then a slow drip via pump for the next 46 hours. I’m headed out now to get disconnected and return the pump.

So far I’ve been handling the new chemo cocktail well. I’m more fatigued for the first few days than last time around, but then seem to recover more quickly after Monday or so. I’ve mainly been trying to gain weight and strength back from the surgery. Last week I took out my bike out for a solid 11 mile ride – so that was fun.

The other major change I’ve made is my diet. After doing the keto diet all the way up until surgery, I’m now vegan. I know, complete opposites. From pretty much only dairy and meat to now no dairy and meat. I started doing more research and came across a great scientist going through the same process I am, Stage IV MSS mCRC. He recommended the book, The China Study. It’s pretty fascinating with a lot of research showing non-animal-based-protein diets can have dramatic effects to reduce diseases. I still believe there is something to the Ketogenic diet in the way if changes your metabolism, but there’s a larger body of research to work off plant-based diets that make me more comfortable with the choice. It has also made eating a lot more enjoyable, which I forgot about as I slogged through layers of bacon and fish and sausage and cheese.

Anyway, I guess this has turned into Update#11. Hope everyone is well out there.



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