Update 12

Cancerversary. I guess that’s a thing. Mine was a few weeks ago. I wanted to post something but didn’t. I think I was scared to plant a flag anywhere along the path. I did write down my thoughts on the day and I’m posting it below.

But first, some good news to pass along. We got results back from a MRI on my liver to see that’s it’s growing, which it is, but also there are NO lesions/tumors on the liver šŸ™‚ We’ll be doing full chest abdomen scan in September to where we stand there.

Treatments are continuing along as planned. Difficult for the first week, feel great for the second. Repeat. All good.

This is what I wrote on July 27th 2017:

One year later,
I’m still here.
Sometimes it feels like the box is closing in.
Others, limitless.

They told me three was the average.
Better than six months, better than anything.
I’ve feared this day because it is a marker.
But I shall embrace.
I hate cliche’s but everything did change.
I have no answers, but I watch differently now.
I see what it’s like to live.

thank you a. thank you n.
thank you family. thank you friends.
thank you. TheĀ license you all have given me is unpayable.

*from our trip up to the Sequoia’s last week

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. Scary but honest and real. Much love Ian. You have a great brain inside that head of yours and we are thankful for you. 7/27 will always be a day you remember; one day it will be something you look back on to remind you of this perspective. Keep grinding (treatment) and smiling (i+a+n adventures).

  2. […] Not too much has changed medically since the last update (which I forgot to email out, so you canĀ check it out hereĀ if you missed it) We’ve basically been traveling a lot..,planning trips around my treatment […]

  3. Ian your motivation and commitment,love and joy with your family is beautiful! Sending good energy and prayers your way during those tough days šŸ’•

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