Update #13

Hi All. I wanted to send a quick update. Not too much has changed medically since the last update (which I forgot to email out, so you can check it out here if you missed it)
We’ve basically been traveling a lot..,planning trips around my treatment schedule. Late August we went camping up in the Sequoia’s and then we just got back from an awesome trip to Barcelona. It has felt so good to get out in new and exciting and beautiful places. Our Instagram‘s have a lot of photos up that kinda capture it.
We did have an insane trip back from Barcelona by getting stuck in Germany because of a pilot strike. We managed to Amazing Race ourselves home with a toddler in around 30+ hours. Tired and jet lagged, Allyson went back to work, Nora started in her new class at day care and I had another round chemo. We’re wiped out, but finally getting back in the grove.
Yesterday, I had a full check up scan. It’s the first full scan since starting treatment back up after the surgery in April. Nervous, yes. But also feels like just another step.
I’ll be sure to update everyone when we get results back, but until then, Cheers!

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