Anniversary #7

Today’s our seventh anniversary. We got back home last night after celebrating my brothers wedding over the weekend (!!!!) out in the desert in Joshua Tree. It was beautiful, fun and I had an amazing time celebrating with family and friends from both sides.

I was scheduled to get chemo today as we pushed it passed the wedding. Unfortunately, my platelets were a bit low and so we skipped treatment today. We’re going to retest Wednesday and hopefully get back on the “juice”. I don’t know why I just called it “juice”. It’s like the opposite of steroids, except for the back acne. The doc basically said I’ve had a lot of treatments and I’m worn down from it all. There’s not a lot to do on my end, besides wait for my body to make more platelets.

On the plus side, Allyson and I got to have a delicious lunch date and then I’m headed out surfing tomorrow before I get back on the “juice” Wednesday. Again with the juice.

*Photo pencil drawing by brother.

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