Update #15

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just wanted to shoot out a little update. No scan update since the scan a couple months ago, but I am finishing up my 12th cycle of the Folfuri + Avastin chemo today. 

The aggressive path we went for in the summer was to do a full 12 cycles. Most patients don’t make it to 12 because the grueling nature of these stupid / necessary drugs, so we’re grateful to make it through them all. The last few cycles have been getting harder physically and mentally, but we’ve powered through them. 

Plan moving forward is take a little break from the chemo, get another scan and then probably go on some lower dosage maintenance chemo. We’re also meeting with Dr Lenz over at USC for a second opinion next week too. 

Overall, happy with to be where we’re at. Getting off this chemo will be nice for the holidays and hopefully get some fun surfs in over the Winter. 

Love you all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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