Update #16

First, just have to thank everyone that came out last week for the benefit at MadeWest. It was an amazing event. It felt great to see so many friends and feel the support and love from everyone. The community had a really tough week because of the fires and I’m just thankful that so many people still came out. It was beautiful. 

Second…back to real life. 

Got the latest scan results back…not the best results. Showed some growth in the lung nodules. Small (1mm), but growth. Also, a few new small nodules showed up. So yeah, not the best news. Means the tumors may have become resistant to drugs I received over the last 4 months. Lungs and colon are still clear, which is great. And my tumor marker is still low/normal, also good. 

So we’re going back to the drugs I was first on last year. I had my first round of treatment last week. We’ll also follow back up for another second opinion with the new scan results and see what they think. 

What’s interesting about having a benefit directed at you, is that after all the positives such an event brings out, it’s also a huge reminder that you’re dealing with something stupidly major. I don’t think about having cancer most of my days. I feel pretty good overall and I look normal to strangers, so the cancer gets pushed back in the mind. Most of the time, you float through your days like any other. We’ve had a pretty great response to all the treatments and successful surgeries until now, which helps to not worry or stress. But now with these scan results, even though they are small, the growth also makes it real. It’s a reminder of how fucking serious this thing is.

We’re trying to figure out a path through this forest. I know there’s an exit. I know it’s there somewhere and we’re going to find it. 

Love you all,

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  1. Love you Ian! Hang in there! Big hugs to you, Allyson, and Nora!

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