Update #18

Here we go. Nothing and a lot has happened since the last update. 

Over these last 8 weeks, I have received no treatments. 

My platelets have been too low to give any chemo, or start a trial. So that’s been a bit scary, but through this time, I’ve been meeting with a specialist to figure out what’s going on. They’ve finally zeroed in on why my platelets have been low – an enlarged spleen. An enlarged spleen swells up and collects platelets, white blood cells and doesn’t release them into the bloodstream. No bueno. So…the only option at this point is to remove the spleen.

We did a biopsy last week and a bunch of other tests to make sure removing the spleen won’t cause other issues. I’ve been cleared to go forward with the splenectomy. 

It’s scheduled for this coming Thursday (May 3rd). Recovery is 3-5 days in the hospital.

It’s been hard and stressful figuring working through this, but we’ve felt like we’ve been in good hands at USC. They’re really working hard to figure it out to then get us back to treatment. 

Unfortunately, we have to postpone our Japan trip, but you know, a splenectomy is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I just can’t pass it up 🙂

So that’s where we’re at right now. 

We’ll update everyone after the surgery.


*Private Deadpool 2 screening!

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