Update #20

Hey Hey,

Just wanted to check in with everyone because it’s been a bit since the last update. I can’t believe this is number 20 of these, but then again next week will be two years since all this began, so yeah, that’s how time works.
Ok, update. After surgery in May, we jumped right back into chemo two weeks after. That was kinda rough while still recovering from getting my spleen out and then filling up with poison, but we got through it. I finished a fourth round of treatment last week.
We also got scan results back last week. The scan was taken after three rounds of treatment. It showed no new growths and then all the lesions in my lungs were stable. This is a reverse from the last scan in which it showed small 1-3mm growth in the lungs. That growth was over the few months of time where I had no treatment and we were trying to figure out the platelet issue. So, it seems like the chemo is working. Very stoked with where we’re at and hoping to continue in the same direction with the next scan!
Overall, I’m feeling pretty great and positive. I was able to surf last week for the first time since surgery and we had a great trip out to Denver a few weeks ago. We have a couple trips planned late summer and early Fall that we’re really looking forward to! Hawaii and then Tokyo! I’m sure Allyson will document it well for all of us 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great Summer!

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