Update #21

Hello hello! I wanted to update everyone at where we’re at. I’ve had two scans since the last update so I’ll jump to the highlights.

No new growths!

Lung nodules are seeing cavitation and turning doughnut like. The current chemo seems to be working a bit on them and reducing their size.

So great news overall. Still chugging along with the chemo every two weeks. We’ll just keep going until anything changes.

We did do a biopsy on a growth near the stomach about 6 weeks ago, but it turned out to be negative. That was a big relief.

We’re finally headed to Japan this weekend! The trip was previously planned for May but had to be postponed so the doctors could take out my pesky spleen, so we’re thrilled that it’s finally happening! It was a nerve-racking getting the scan and results right before the trip, but thankfully they turned out great and the plan will stay the same for now. Had treatment on Monday and should be feeling decent by the time we leave. And then better each day after that.

I can’t wait to travel with Nora and Allyson. Plans are to go to Tokyo and Kyoto. 10 days total. We’ve got some fun things planned, and hopefully, Nora will lose her mind when we visit the Ghibli Museum. Shh, don’t tell her.

And lastly, as excited as I am to travel and explore, I also can’t wait to canvass the last two weekends of the month before November 6th. Go Vote! 🤘🏼


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