Update #23

hello hello,

It’s been a while for a full update, so I wanted to check back in. In short, things are pretty much the same since the last update. I’ve continued on the same chemo treatments and they have continued to work to keep all the lesions stable. They haven’t gotten larger. They haven’t gotten smaller. There hasn’t been any new growth either. So we’re stoked. I mean, the chemo still sucks, but that’s normal. You never get used to the feeling, but the pattern of being down and then recovering is consistent.

Last week, I was asked to speak at a USC colon cancer event that my Oncologist organizes each year. He gave a great overview of the research and trials that they’re working on. Lots of promising studies and research going on. There’s still no silver bullet, but it seems like they’re getting closer to figuring out this disease. I spoke about my experiences so far going through it all and I think some patients found it valuable.

Outside of the treatments, things are going well. Nora’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks. We still haven’t figured out where our next big trip will be. Maybe New Zealand, maybe back to Europe. Any suggestions?? We have a few smaller ones planned for the summer that we’re excited about.

Until the next update…Cheers!


*My oncologist Dr. Lenz.

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