Update #24

Well, another two scans down, another two stable results! No new growths and just a few nodules grew 1mm. Since we’re stable, so we’re doing another three rounds (getting my third round today) and then another scan next week.

There’s a trial we’ve been waiting for, and it finally opened up yesterday, so we’re starting the process to get into that. They just reported early results from the trial in Japan and saw a 30% response rate. Although 30% doesn’t sound great, these results are the highest response rate they’ve seen in any colon cancer trail yet. This is the first time they’re running the trial here in the States, so I’m looking forward to being a guinea pig.

We’re coming up to my three year anniversary. July 27th. We’ll hopefully have another update before then when I get into the trial. More than anything, I’m looking forward to just doing a different treatment. Even though it’s basically been my life for the past 3 years and has become normal, having one shitty chemo week, and then a decent week, followed by a shitty chemo week, to then a normal week, and then a shitty chemo week, and then a decent/normal week is getting old. I’ll take it of course!!! but it’s honestly getting annoying. Lol.

Other updates. We’re finally renovating our garage and can’t wait to enjoy the extra space. We’ve been wanting to do this ever since we moved in and finally have the opportunity to do it. If anyone wants a little staycation in Highland Park, let us know!

I’ve also been doing a lot work redesigning our bonzer5.com site over the last few months and just launched it last week. It felt good to complete a project I’ve been working for a while. Anyways…

Until the next update.


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