Update #25

Last Thursday I started the clinical trial we’ve been waiting for! So far the side effects have been manageable. I’m excited and hopeful to be finally off the ground and doing it. 

Saturday marked three years since being diagnosed. This is somewhat of a milestone. When I was diagnosed, my original oncologist said I had 3 years. As we’ve gone through each year, month, day, sometimes this day felt unreachable. Others like I’d fly right over it. My internal thoughts have always been to go as long as possible in hopes for some clinical trials to start showing results and get into them. We’ve navigated the maze well, found the right doctor, at the right time, with incredible access to research and trials. So we’re here today starting the most promising trial available.

Thank you all for your love and support throughout the years. It means the world to me and Allyson and Nora. It’s helped push us through the wavering feelings. It’s still tough, but manageable. I look forward to updating everyone in a month or two when we get the first results back from how the drugs are working!

*If anyone’s interested, I’m taking a combo of two drugs – Keytruda (immunotherapy) + Stavargo. We’re looking for a synergistic effect of the two drugs to break down the PD-L1 molecule on the cancer cells, allowing for my own immune system to destroy the cancer cells. PD-L1 is on all our good cells so the immune system knows not to attack it. But because cancer cells are assholes, they also add the PD-L1 to trick the body not to destroy it. That’s my best explanation of what’s happening. Definitely, don’t write your thesis based on this info 🙂


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  1. Hi Ian, we don’t know each other, other than we’ve chatted a few times regarding a couple boards I ordered.
    I had no idea you were going through this. I’d like to donate what I can. Please advise on how to do so.
    Kip Roseman

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