Update #26

Ok….finally got results back on Friday. Official results from the scan are “stability”. No new nodules anywhere. They saw some nodules decrease in size a little. Many others saw cavitation occur in them – this is a kind of hollowing out of the center which is good. The ones that are caveating did increase in size, but that can be normal in that process. There was one lesion that did increase a little.

Overall it’s pretty good. I’m disappointed we didn’t get more shrinkage, but there are hopeful signs. I’ve already started the next round of treatment and will scan in another 9 weeks. I’m literally the first person to be doing this trial here, so there’s no road map for how this goes. All we have are 6 month results from the trial in Japan, but not much info on how they got there. I’m the person they’ll be referring to here in the states as more people do this trial. For example, after the first round of this treatment, I had a major rash break out all over my body and the docs were surprised and had no idea what to do about it. They questioned stopping the trial, but we decided to do the second round and see how it went. Fortunately, it didn’t reoccur and it has been fine since. This adds a lot of uncertainty for us, but I guess someone has to do it.

So overall, feeling pretty positive this week. We just got back from an awesome camping trip in Central Cali (Montana de Oro) and feeling refreshed. Ready to make the best of the next 9 weeks.


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