Update #27

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Ok. We got results from the second scan right before Thanksgiving and it showed more growth. A few things had shrunk, but overall the growth over the past two scans showed that the trial wasn’t working. We had a ton of hope for this trial and combo of drugs and it could still work for others, but not for me. It’s disappointing and was hard, but we’re already moving forward.

I was presented with two options to try right away and ended up choosing another clinical trial. The trial is for people who have progressed off of an anti-pdl1 drug in the last 2-6 weeks (which I just did). This would be the only opportunity to get this anti-CTLA4 drug. The idea of the trial is they think there might be some synergy with the drugs from the previous trial. I guess there were some positive results from Melanoma patients, but no results from colon. It’s a shot in the dark, but I thought worth the risk because the other option was a chemo that doesn’t work very well and I can always do it if this trial fails. I received the first infusion for the trial last week. I follow up for another infusion around New Years and then scan a few weeks later to see if it’s working.

On the plus side of all this, I physically feel the best I have in a while. I’ve been off chemo and on the trial drugs for a few weeks now and I’m actually feeling normal, even though my cancer is growing. It’s weird to think about. The side effects from this trial drug aren’t bad, so I’m hoping to keep the feeling going while also shrinking that shiza.

Through all this, we’ve been busy and doing as much as we can. We had a great time out in Texas for Thanksgiving with Allyson’s family. This last weekend we went to see the Nutcracker with friends and Nora loved it! And of course, Nora is very excited for Hanukkah and Christmas.

I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday with family and friends!


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