Update #28

Hello everyone,

So the latest update is that the second trial I was on didn’t work. I was on it over the holidays and through January, but no luck. I was hoping to get at least some stability on it, but that’s how it goes. We got the scan back a few weeks ago and it showed more growth, so we’ve moved on to a new chemo drug for the time being. The side effects aren’t bad, so that’s a positive. We’ll do a few rounds of this new drug and scan again around mid March to see if it’s doing its job. We’ve had an unfortunate run with the last two trials, so hoping to some decent results here. In the meantime, I’m also trying to line up another trial at City of Hope that has shown some promise.

Outside all that stuff, we had a nice holiday with the family. Nora’s growing into quite the independent and creative human. Extremely imaginative. She’s been telling her preschool classmates recently that they literally disappear when they take their nap 😂. That’s been fun to deal with the teachers.

Still no big trip planned but we’re working on it. We’re headed to Palm Springs this weekend for a little birthday trip which I’m stoked about. And I started back up in a soccer league this weekend. I wasn’t expecting to play much as I’ve been sick and out of shape, but I surprised myself and felt pretty good out there. So overall, we’ve been doing well and moving forward. Hope all is well out there.


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