Update #29

Hi friends from our compound in Los Angeles. The doors are boarded up and I successfully stocked up on food weeks ago, so we are good. Hope you all are staying safe and protecting others. One week down…who knows how many to go…

But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing to deliver some GREAT news. 

We just got back some fantastic scan results! This was the first scan since starting the new chemo and it showed a surprisingly great response. For the first time in years (lol this has been going on forever), we saw a reduction in all the tumors!  And actually it was the first time we saw the lung mets reduce in size EVER. The reduction was anywhere from 5-30% on all the tumors. Pretty amazing. 

This is not a common response with this drug; it only happens about 2% of the time. There’s some anecdotal evidence that previous treatments of immunotherapy drugs (even if they didn’t work at the time), “primes” the tumors for subsequent chemo and makes it more effective. There’s always no guarantee that this will continue working, so we’re keeping a level head over here, but it’s obviously better to be in this position than to be stable or going the other way. I look forward to reporting back in 8 weeks with more great news!

I hope I was able to add a little light to this stressful time we’re all going through!


*top of tram in Palm Springs

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