Update #30

Hello all.

There’s so much depressing (and inspiring) stuff happening right now and a lot of it feels more important than this email, but I do have more good news to pass along. My recent scan showed a little more reduction in the existing tumors and no new growth at all. Not as much reduction as the last one, but still great. Super happy to have a little peace of mind for at least another two months on this current chemo.

We have been doing relatively well over here. Allyson has been fortunately (and unfortunately in some ways) busy with work from home. I’m trying to play teacher with Nora all day, but she knows she can walk all over me. Nevertheless, we’ve been having fun.

Nora got into our first choice for kindergarten, so we’re super stoked for that. Who knows when she’ll start in person, but it’s a great school and we think she’ll really thrive there.

We did get out of the city and surf up in Oxnard last weekend. We caught a few fun waves at the Shores with my dad on his birthday. I hope we keep getting some waves this summer.

That’s it for now. Stay safe out there. Wear your mask.


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