Update #31

Hello hello

Hope all is well with everyone out there. I have some more good news to report – we got another good scan back a couple weeks ago. Everything is mostly stable with a little reduction here and there. We’ll take it. It’s keeping me stable and living with not too many side effects is a win.

I was going to write a thing about crossing the four year mark since diagnosis, which was on July 27th, but it’s a bit heavy to think about and I haven’t felt inspired to write anything. I’m so happy to still be typing these emails to you guys four years later. I didn’t know if I would still be. Allyson wrote a beautiful post in IG last week on the 4 year mark. She mentioned the Olympics and that’s what I think about a lot. I’ve always loved the Olympics and getting to watch them in the hospital four years ago right after diagnosis definitely helped pass the initial scary days. Watching them then, I hoped I’d get to see the Tokyo games. Well, here we are…I did my part!!

So here we all are. We spent some time up in Mammoth last week, getting out of the city and enjoying a much needed break for all. Mountains, hiking, pool, it was great. Nora will be starting Kindergarten (online) in a couple weeks, which will be interesting, but we’re still excited about the school and I look forward to guiding her through this unique time.

Take care out there.

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