Update #32

Hey there out there. As we wait a few more days to see what happens Tuesday and beyond, I thought I’d pass some good news along. I got a scan back last week that showed no growth, stable all around. It was quite a relief. We had actually been pretty pretty nervous about it because the last scan (which I didn’t update y’all on) showed growth and a new lesion had appeared in a lung. We almost dropped the drugs I was on because this is usually a sign that it has stopped working, but my onc thought we could squeeze another 6 weeks out of it and then figure out where to next. There’s not really any good options after this because I’ve done all the chemo available- so it would then be another trial or recycle a chemo from the past. So yeah, I was quite nervous about this scan last week.

But, it turned out that the new lesion was actually inflammation and it’s gone away. And I’m not sure why things stopped growing compared to the previous weeks, but we’ll take it. So I’m on this same chemo for another 5 or so weeks, scan again and go from there. Such is life.

Beyond that, we’re all doing great. Nora has settled into Kinder and quite enjoys her new class. Her teachers are great and engaging and do the best with the situation at hand. I’m mainly watching Nora during the day and Allyson is still super busy with work. My new favorite thing to do with Nora is play chess. It’s almost like a story to her, how each piece moves, so she gets into it. It’s been so fun playing with her and trying to figure how to teach it to her.

Travel wise, we went for a short Joshua tree weekend a couple weeks back. No one around, just a desert, which was great. And we’re headed back up to Mammoth for a trip mid-November. So yeah, good all around.

Hope you all are doing wonderful out there. Take care. Vote.



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