FIVE Year Update!

Welp, we made it five years!!!
This was a goal from the beginning, against the odds, and we’re here. I’m so happy to be typing these words.

I’ll try to put together a longer update soon, but the short update is that the last 3+ months were some of the most difficult that I’ve been through. The trial I was on failed, I got pneumonia during, and we found a tumor in my neck that caused a lot of pain and loss of motion….BUT…today I feel pretty good.

We did radiation on the neck tumor and that has helped a lot. We also switched back to a previously used chemo 8 weeks ago and my first scan since switching showed some shrinkage in the tumors 🙂 This means we had a good response to it and it should hopefully work for at least a little while. I’m still recovering from the pneumonia, but I’m finally starting to get my breath and strength back. I’m hoping to get back in the water and surf in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for following along. Your love and support through these years has kept me going . It’s wild to think I’ve been writing these emails for five years.

Lets make it another five.



*4th of July

*The whole Campbell Clan

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