Update #33

Happy Happy New Year. Hope all is well out there. So much going on, so much change, but I just wanted to pass along another update. We had a scan a couple weeks back and it again showed things to be pretty stable, with a little bit of growth. So we’re pushing on with the […]

Update #31

Hello hello Hope all is well with everyone out there. I have some more good news to report – we got another good scan back a couple weeks ago. Everything is mostly stable with a little reduction here and there. We’ll take it. It’s keeping me stable and living with not too many side effects […]

Update #30

Hello all. There’s so much depressing (and inspiring) stuff happening right now and a lot of it feels more important than this email, but I do have more good news to pass along. My recent scan showed a little more reduction in the existing tumors and no new growth at all. Not as much reduction […]

Update #29

Hi friends from our compound in Los Angeles. The doors are boarded up and I successfully stocked up on food weeks ago, so we are good. Hope you all are staying safe and protecting others. One week down…who knows how many to go… But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing to deliver some GREAT […]

Update #27

Hello hello Ok. We got results from the second scan right before Thanksgiving and it showed more growth. A few things had shrunk, but overall the growth over the past two scans showed that the trial wasn’t working. We had a ton of hope for this trial and combo of drugs and it could still […]

Update #26

Ok….finally got results back on Friday. Official results from the scan are “stability”. No new nodules anywhere. They saw some nodules decrease in size a little. Many others saw cavitation occur in them – this is a kind of hollowing out of the center which is good. The ones that are caveating did increase in […]

Update #25

Last Thursday I started the clinical trial we’ve been waiting for! So far the side effects have been manageable. I’m excited and hopeful to be finally off the ground and doing it.  Saturday marked three years since being diagnosed. This is somewhat of a milestone. When I was diagnosed, my original oncologist said I had […]