Update #24

Well, another two scans down, another two stable results! No new growths and just a few nodules grew 1mm. Since we’re stable, so we’re doing another three rounds (getting my third round today) and then another scan next week. There’s a trial we’ve been waiting for, and it finally opened up yesterday, so we’re starting […]

Update #23

hello hello, It’s been a while for a full update, so I wanted to check back in. In short, things are pretty much the same since the last update. I’ve continued on the same chemo treatments and they have continued to work to keep all the lesions stable. They haven’t gotten larger. They haven’t gotten […]

Update #22

Whoa. Didn’t realize I hadn’t updated in a quite a few months. This is a quick post because I have a scan this week and will get the results back Monday. I’ll put together a full update of where we’ve been and what’s next. Overall, everything has been pretty stable, except for one growth that […]

Update #21

Hello hello! I wanted to update everyone at where we’re at. I’ve had two scans since the last update so I’ll jump to the highlights. No new growths! Lung nodules are seeing cavitation and turning doughnut like. The current chemo seems to be working a bit on them and reducing their size. So great news overall. Still chugging along with the […]

Update #20

Hey Hey, Just wanted to check in with everyone because it’s been a bit since the last update. I can’t believe this is number 20 of these, but then again next week will be two years since all this began, so yeah, that’s how time works. Ok, update. After surgery in May, we jumped right back […]

Update #19

Happy Sunday morning. Great news to report back. Splenectomy surgery went great and I’m recovering well…most likely getting discharged today. But best of all, since the surgery my platelets have jumped way up to normal people levels! It worked. After so many weeks trying to figure this out, it’s such a relief to have the […]

Update #18

Here we go. Nothing and a lot has happened since the last update.  Over these last 8 weeks, I have received no treatments.  My platelets have been too low to give any chemo, or start a trial. So that’s been a bit scary, but through this time, I’ve been meeting with a specialist to figure out what’s going on. […]

Update #17

Long time no talk. Last time we checked in, shit was kinda growing in my lungs, but very little. Since then, I switched drugs (back to Folfox) and have done 4 treatments. We did another scan at the end of January and it was similar to the last scan – everything stable except for a […]

Update #16

First, just have to thank everyone that came out last week for the benefit at MadeWest. It was an amazing event. It felt great to see so many friends and feel the support and love from everyone. The community had a really tough week because of the fires and I’m just thankful that so many […]

Update #15

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just wanted to shoot out a little update. No scan update since the scan a couple months ago, but I am finishing up my 12th cycle of the Folfuri + Avastin chemo today.  The aggressive path we went for in the summer was to do a full 12 cycles. Most patients don’t […]