Update 12

Cancerversary. I guess that’s a thing. Mine was a few weeks ago. I wanted to post something but didn’t. I think I was scared to plant a flag anywhere along the path. I did write down my thoughts on the day and I’m posting it below. But first, some good news to pass along. We […]

Update #10

Hi Everyone, Long time no update. Recovery from surgery has gone well, albeit slowly. Finally, in the last two weeks, I’ve started to feel a lot less pain and I’ve been able to do more activities, like a 2 mile hike last weekend. I can also finally start picking up Nora again which is obviously […]

Update #8

Hi All! Allyson here! Ian’s still groggy but made it through surgery and everything went wonderfully!! They were able to cut off the bad left lobe of the liver and saw no tumors in the good lobe…great news! The good lobe was in great shape and after an ultrasound saw no visible metastasis in there. […]

Update #7

Hey everyone! Things are going well. I’ve been meeting with the different surgeons this past last week to get the main liver surgery setup. The liver surgeon said everything is growing as expected, so he and the colon surgeon have scheduled the big surgery for April 5th. I have a few tests to clear before hand, […]

Update #6

Hi team. All went well yesterday. We stayed overnight for monitoring and got home today. I’m feeling pretty good, just soar from the incision and tired. From here, we’ll start meeting with the liver and colon doctors to set up the main surgery in about 6 weeks. From here, we’ll start meeting with the liver and […]

Update #5

Hi Everyone! I’ve been meaning to send an update for awhile, but things have been in flux and I’ve been waiting until it’s all sorted out. Unfortunately, it’s still up in the air, but I wanted to give an update of where we are and the plan forward. Basically, we’ve had some struggles getting a […]

Update #4

Hey Everyone, First, thank you all so much for the donations and sharing of the Give Forward page. We’re totally blown away by the response. It’s overwhelming, but amazing to see and feel the love from everyone. Second, an update on my progress. Because of the good response from the treatments, we’ve started to plan […]

Update #3

Hi all, We finally got the results back from our first follow up scan since the beginning. And it’s very positive! According to the doctor, it’s a very good scan and I’m in partial remission (which means everything is shrinking or disappeared). The report says: “significant decrease in the size of the pulmonary and liver […]

Update #2

Hi Everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. Thank you all for kind emails over the last few weeks. If I didn’t respond to you, I’m sorry about that and just wanted to say hearing from you guys means everything. Thank you for all the supportive words. I’m doing pretty good myself. I’m received […]